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You knew long before you arrived that it was legal here—that in 2012 Seattle voters passed Initiative 502, permitting the growth, manufacture, sale, possession, and use of recreational marijuana. Maybe you’ve silently judged your new neighbors as smoke clouds mushroomed above their patios. Maybe you’ve taken to circling the block of your local pot store, goading yourself into a shopping trip. Here’s what you need to know: Those shops, some 50 in Seattle, won’t let you in without ID to prove you’re at least 21. You can buy up to an ounce of marijuana in flower form, 16 ounces of marijuana edibles (cookies, brownies, gummies), and 72 ounces of marijuana-infused extracts. You can’t take your booty across state lines. You can’t legally use it in public (fines $27, though most cops will let you off with a warning). And you can’t judge your neighbors anymore.

Editor's Note: Updated September 14, 2018 to reflect greater number of dispensaries in Seattle and lower fines.

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