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Photo via the Feed Co. Facebook page.

The former Bill the Butcher location in old town Redmond is about to see new life, though its new persona still involves lots of beef. Scott Staples, the chef behind Restaurant Zoe, as well as Quinn's and Uneeda Burger, will open Feed Co. Burgers here, a casual counter-service burger spot not unlike Uneeda in spirit, though where his Fremont burger shop has an auto garage theme, Staples says Feed Co. has more of a countryside, grange-style feel.

Feed Co. will likely open early next week. The menu, says Staples, includes a $5 classic burger with a quarter-pound patty, plus some common topping renditions (a mushroom burger, a blue cheese burger), fries, and milkshakes. He's particularly excited about the bison burger; while uncommon burger meats like elk and buffalo are frequent specials at Uneeda, here they'll be fixtures on the menu. So will seasonal tempuras, like beans, butternut squash, broccoli or kale sprouts, maitake mushrooms, or carrots. There's something so perfectly Pacific Northwest about a burger joint serving seasonal produce...but only after it's been battered and fried.

Between his various restaurants, Staples says he's able to commit to a farm's entire meat production, using the "Hollywood cuts" at Zoe and Quinn's, and grinding the remainder for burger patties. 

His newest burger shop will pour about 10 beers on tap, mostly Northwest, plus a few variable drafts like root beer, kombucha, cider, or ginger beer. There's lots of parking, promises Staples (because, Redmond), and a patio that seats about 30.

Feed Co. (proper address is 7990 Leary Way) will be open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Keep tabs on the Facebook page for more opening specifics.

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