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Megan Ferland. Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Megan Ferland has had a busy day. When the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington — and the person responsible for returning a $100,000 gift to a donor who demanded that it not be used to support transgender girls — wasn’t watching her council’s Indiegogo campaign fly past its original goal, she was calling the crowdfunding site because its servers kept crashing. In between congratulating her staff and trying to grab a bite to eat, she took a few minutes to recount the last 24 hours.

Do anything fun today?
Oh, just one or two things. Sent a couple emails. Sent a few texts. Nothing big.

When did the phone start ringing?
Pretty early this morning. They were ringing by 9, I think. And it has just been steadily picking up steam all day.

You broke the $100,000 barrier not long after that, right?
Yeah, it was really early this morning.

Set the scene for me. Were you in the office? Were you just huddled around a computer watching the tally go up?
It actually started yesterday with the soft launch, watching the emails and the texts go back and forth with the team as it was starting to tick up. By about 11 o’clock last night, I thought I was going to have to send an email to tell my whole team to go to bed because they wouldn’t stop watching the tally. And then I realized I was just as bad as the rest of them. We’re all now officially addicted to Indiegogo. And then getting up this morning, we were over $50,000 before I got into the office. The funny thing is that a couple of us, including me, were supposed to be in a daylong training session, but probably about an hour in we just gave up all pretense of trying to maintain our composure. And then I think it was probably about 9:45 when it went over a hundred. Lots of shrieking – and the clappers going absolutely insane. You know Amy Poehler tweeted us.

Shut up! Did she really?
She did. Oh, and then George Takei and Zooey Deschanel.

I’m sure you noticed the times when Indiegogo was down.
Oh yes, we noticed them. Because we cussed about them – in a very clean, Girl Scouts way.

Did you think it might be an attack on the site by people who didn’t agree with your mission?
No. Because we were very giddy about the whole thing, we just thought we’d crashed the site. We did not think it was hacked.

Did you talk to anyone there?
Yes, we were in constant communication with Indiegogo. We were very nice but very firm about Get your friggin’ site back up!

Have you heard from the donor?

Do you anticipate hearing from them?
Not really. I mean, when we were thinking this through and trying to figure out how that could go, we couldn’t really see how [we’d hear from them again]. If we do, we do. That’s their business.

If you’re being honest with me and if you’re being honest with yourself, what were your expectations for this?
I did not expect to be sitting here at not yet 4 o’clock on the first day of the first campaign and to be looking at $170,000.

It’s $185,000.
Wow. I am humbled by that show of support for the girls who need us most. And that’s what this equates to.

Will you be able to sleep tonight?
I’ll be a little giddy. I don’t know that counting sheep will get it done.

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