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Everyone should remember their first legit cold brew coffee. That bold flavor. The smooth, refreshing body without a bite of acid. Steeping large batches of grounds in water sans heat created something magical: a whole new world of summertime caffeination, in which the old practice of pouring hot coffee over ice seemed straight up barbaric.

Beverage perfection achieved. High fives all around. But then somewhere in an underground bunker where the barista illuminati meet in secret, a conversation like this occurred: "Cold brew is great and everything. But what if it had a little effervescence? What if it were like a Guinness?"

Welcome to the summer of nitrogen-infused coffee: a creamy, lightly-carbonated cold brew that pours like a dark beer.  Nitro coffee has been around for a while, but the trend has really started to pick up in Seattle this summer, thanks largely to renewed enthusiasm from Stumptown—the company's nitro taps and new nitro cold brew cans are popping up around Seattle, both in Stumptown locations and other shops.

Cupcake Royale just launched a Stumptown nitro tap in its Madrona location, with plans to expand to other stores as well. Crumble and Flake's new nitro brew uses coffee from True North Coffee Roasters in Ballard. Over in east Ballard, Slate serves a Japanese-style iced coffee with nitro. As Seattle settles into a citywide summer vacation, look to find more and more coffee shops selling Stumptown cans or serving their own taps.

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