When Angela Delarmente isn't writing short fiction, she can typically be found making jewelry—these days, a lot of jewelry.

After two years of working on a line of rings, necklaces, and earrings under her brand Knuckle Kiss, Delarmente wanted to give herself a big-time resolution for 2015. Inspired by other jewelers' design-a-day challenges, Delarmente set out on a similar project, and a year's worth of work. The end result will be 52 rings, each hinting at new designs and new directions for the designer to explore.

We caught up with Delarmente around week seven to chat about her past and future work, what inspires her, and her ring-a-week project

Image via Knuckle Kiss

Angela Delarmente at her work bench
Image via Knuckle Kiss

ShopTalk: How did the ring-a-week project get started?
Delarmente: A few weeks before 2015, I was thinking of ways to keep things fresh. I had been working on Knuckle Kiss for the past two years with my hands in all parts of the business, and it can get to be a grind. I wanted to find a way to keep things interesting. Plus, a ring every week seemed more doable than churning out one a day. 

Do you make a ring start to finish in a week or does it happen over a longer period of time?
I try to stick to the week timeline, but it is also pretty organic, so I might start working on something, put it aside, and come back to it later. My guideline was that it had to post on Instagram every Wednesday or Thursday.

What have you learned about your creative process from this project?
Things feel so much better when I'm working on stuff that I might want to expand upon later. Right now I'm into basic shapes—squares, circles—nothing too ornate. I have a couple rings I'm thinking of adding to the Knuckle Kiss main line.

Week five could be our favorite: a brass double ring set with malachite.
Image via Knuckle Kiss

Where is your studio?
I live and work on Capitol Hill. My studio is actually a small corner of our garage, which I'm hoping to slowly take over from my husband. It's a gritty little space, but I love it.

What do you do to put yourself in a productive headspace?
I usually just sketch. I have a dozen different sketchbooks lying around and I draw and look back at my old sketches to see if anything speaks to me. Like with the ring-a-week project, there are definitely certain pieces that I've found drawn in my sketchbook. I also like looking at old jewelry and history books.

What are five things you can't work without?
Probably everyone says this, but coffee. That's number one. I love to listen to podcasts (the usual suspects like This American Life, Radiolab, and one from Australia called Mysterious Universe). My tools, of course, my workspace, and a big block of time are also important. 

The latest ring, a shiny brass ball duo for week 9.

Where can we find your jewelry?
I have an website where I carry my full line, plus one-offs and limited editions. In town, I have pieces at some really wonderful places: Butter Home, Velouria, Ghost Gallery, and Twilight Gallery. In the future I'm looking at other cities and planning to make contacts and attend more craft shows.

Will there be a chance for us to see all 52 of your ring-a-week pieces in one setting?
I would love that! I'll be holding on to them until I can show the entire collection somewhere next year once the project is over. And I'll sell them as well. [Laughs] If any galleries are looking for something like that, I would be really into it.

Week One featured this crystal quartz and pyrite doublet ring in oxidized silver and brass.

Follow Delarmente's progress via Facebook or look for her on Instagram (@knucklekiss). To meet Delarmente and see Knuckle Kiss in person, stop by Soul Repair on Capitol Hill this Sunday, March 8 from 11 to 5 for Savvy Marketplace, a monthly popup of makers that also features coffee, cocktails, and live music.