For this month's Seattle Met Seahawks cover story we cornered a bunch of local political figures and made them take a pop quiz to test their Seahawks' knowledge, or lack thereof. 

Mayor Ed Murray only got three out of 10, tying ACLU star and Seattle city council hopeful Alison Holcomb for last place.

Mayor Murray did get question three right with this anaswer: "There’s Safeco Field, then…What’s the name of the phone company I pay every month for the land line I never use? CenturyLink!" (Holcomb's answer to that one: "Qualcomm?")

Check out who—Sally Clark? Jean Godden? Bruce Harrell? C.R. Douglas? Frank Chopp? Kate Becker?—gave this answer:  "I like M&Ms better. And Dove. Ohhh, Dove. There’s a lot of good chocolate out there" among other responses. 


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