Isn't it Weird That ... despite the seemingly official GOP insistence on using "Democrat" as an adjective ("Democrat budget," "Democrat Party"), the internal state GOP memo we published this week actually went with the more traditional grammar, using the correct adjective, "Democratic," instead? 

The word "Democratic" appeared 16 times in the memo as an adjective in front of the words "Party," "machine," "candidates," and "elected officials."

I don't think I've ever heard a Republican official use it that way in public, preferring "Democrat" for the harsh way it lands as an adjective. 

The only time the memo used the word "Democrat" was as a noun—as in "the Democrats' record," or  "the legislative Democrats" or, "the Washington State Democrats."

Go figure. 

But internally, the Republicans don't all speak like George W. Bush.

P.s. I've asked the state GOP why they removed the memo from their website, but they have not responded. 




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