Oink, it's Maximus/Minimus.

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Sitting in Ballard’s new Porkchop and Co. last week, eating a sandwich with a whole porkchop stuffed into it—bone sticking out the side—it struck me that my recent post about Seattle’s favorite naming convention was woefully incomplete.

Because this town’s also got a pretty serious thing for naming restaurants after pigs. Think El Puerco Lloron (means “The Crying Pig” in Spanish) and Pig and Whistle Pub—both departed. Lecosho (means “pig” in Chinook) and Pig Iron Barbecue and Three Pigs Barbecue (in Bellevue). Le Petit Cochon (means “The Little Pig” in French) and Blind Pig Bistro. The Swinery and Babirusa. And don’t let’s forget Maximus Minimus—the pulled pork sandwich truck from the Beecher’s Cheese people—which is shaped like a pig. Right down to the ears and snout.

And then there’s Porkchop and Co. Which, I’ve got to say, didn’t wow me much on the porkchop sandwich front—it was overspiced, overdressed, and at $17, overpriced—but floored me dead with a smoked beet puree spread loaded with musk and smoke and glorious blue cheese counterpoints.

But you can’t exactly call a restaurant Smoked Beet Puree and Co, now can you?


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