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Humble Pie, the Rainier Valley sustainable-everything pizzeria we love up in this issue of Seattle Met, keeps a chicken coop in its back yard. It just sort of went with the light-on-the-footprint, heavy-on-the-community ethos of the restaurant, owner Brian Solazzi told me—not to mention the fact that many of his pies come crowned with a fresh egg.

What those pies don’t feature is meat from the chickens. Solazzi just started sourcing its chicken meat from a halal butcher (many of Humble’s halal guests requested it in lieu of pork), whose chickens are bred for eating in a way that Humble's are not. But even if they were--Solazzi confesses ambivalence. “I’m of two minds,” he told me. “On the one hand, children should know that meat doesn’t come wrapped in cellophane. On the other…kids have gotten pretty attached to these chickens. It would be a different conversation.”

The only other Seattle-area restaurants I know of that raise chickens are the Corson Building and the Herbfarm. (Know others? Comment please.)  Portage Bay Café’s original University Bridge location butts up against the beloved Portage Bay Grange feedstore and mercantile, which raises and sells poultry of all kinds, but is not affiliated.

Not formally anyway. Because that grange does put a girl in the mood for an omelet.


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