Some extra Fizz from THAT Washington. 

1. Well, far be it from us to disagree with this bit of equal-opportunity objectification: The Hill just named Rep. Suzan DelBene's (D-WA, 1) aide, 25-year-old Chad Prince, as one of the 50 "most beautiful" people working on Capitol Hill. Prince, they write, is into hiking, wakeboarding, and running.

And sorry, ladies and gentlemen: According to the publication, he's in a relationship. But you can look: 


2. Meanwhile, in the mirror version of The Hill's gender politics, U.S. Rep. and former King County sheriff Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8) said last week that the officers "who protect us each and every day" are someone's "husband, father, brother, uncle ... grandpa."

True enough ... except for the wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, moms, and grandmas who also work for law enforcement, whose existence Reichert failed to acknowledge in his comments. 

Just to name one example: Reichert himself was replaced by a woman, former sheriff Sue Rahr, when he left office in 2005 to serve in Congress.


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