Yes, that's the Drunken Chicken Rice Bowl from Baguette Box...available selected lunchtimes from Peach.

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The dinner delivery service Munchery has just launched in Seattle, as its first expansion outside its native San Francisco Bay Area; the schtick is organic, sustainable, sophisticated chef-cooked meals you order that day or days in advance, while supplies last. Meals arrive cold with directions for heating, to anyone in zip codes 98101, 98104, 98121, 98122, and 98144 (with more promised soon).

As its launching special, Munchery is offering to pay the cost of the first entrée for every new order, through July 29. That’s tomorrow.

Wage slaves take note: Peach has made a splash as an office lunch delivery service. (From its Twitter feed: “Forgot my lunch on purpose today just to have another excuse to order from Peach,” and “Delivery so hot you can’t even pick up the tray!”)

The drill: Sign up, receive a midmorning text of what that day’s restaurant meals are (just two choices per day: omnivore or vegetarian), place your order…and by 12:30pm your lunch will hit your office’s front desk, at $8ish to $11 a pop.

And these are estimable restaurants, including the Other Coast Café (last Thursday’s dish was its famous Rajun Cajun sandwich), Cedar’s, Facing East in Bellevue, the amazing Green Leaf Vietnamese (vermicelli chicken!), Pike Place Market’s DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine, and more. Phad Thai, keftede, Mexican salad, chicken curry, meaty grinders—they stretch variety across the week rather than inside a given lunch hour, so the indecisive won’t spend hours agonizing.

You either like the sound of the day’s offering or you don’t. Done.

For other options in lunch delivery, the hottest trend in day-dining, look here and here.


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