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Jeez...this massive list doesn't even cover new locations of existing places (like U:Don's Capitol Hill spinoff or the West Seattle Top Pot) or major revamps (like Patisserie Ines's move, Book Bindery's new chef and name, or Monsoon's major expansion). Meanwhile, there's a slew of Asian restaurants coming to Capitol Hill.

But I digress. Here's a quick check-in on a host of promising openings.

99 Park
Over in Bellevue, a stylish standalone restaurant is taking shape at the foot of Downtown Park. Chef Quinton Stewart has cooked all over, from Hitchcock to Spur and a few spots in New York. GM Charles Veitch was a fixture at Bastille before spending a year at NoMad in NYC. Here's a sample menu, though keep in mind food will change with the seasons. The patio has incredible potential.
Target open: Pretty darn soon. Owner Micah Pittman is nailing down an exact date in the latter half of July.

Andra Loft
Tom Douglas, you sneaky minx. He done gone snuck a Scandinavian-toned bar into his new Hot Stove Society cooking school. It's a T-Doug take on Scandinavia, with Swedish meatballs and punsch and cured salmon and it doubles as a lounge for Hotel Andra.
Target open: Monday

Beardslee Public House
John Howie's going big in Bothell; his latest project is a restaurant plus brewery, plus distillery. The very talented Drew Cluely came over from Big Time Brewing to oversee beer, while Erik Liedholm will oversee the adjacent Wildwood Spirits Co.
Target open: Still looking like September (Wildwood is more like November).

Bell and Whete
The team behind Local 360 has a meaty new spot planned at 200 Bell Street, one tricked out with roomy leather booths and various Old World-style trappings. Chef Forrest Brunton (most recently the exec chef of all things Linda Derschang) is talking foie gras terrine, housemade sausages, venison, and boar knuckles.
Target open: Mid to late July. Fingers crossed.

Big Chickie
Hillman City's pollo a la brasa spot is squaring away the last of its funding. Meanwhile, construction continues apace on the little space, which is shaping up to look like a retro service station. Sorry guys, no delivery. 
Target open: August...ish?

Bitter/Raw (And Slab Sandwich and Pie. And Lark.)
John Sundstrom has a name for the raw bar with a hefty amaro lineup that will perch above Lark's new location in the Central Agency Building. As the name implies, the bar will be a house of oysters, crudo, sashimi, and shellfish, plus jamon and prosciutto. Sundstrom asserts these last two are raw by virtue of being cured, and because he is John Sundstrom, I will gladly accept this argument. Downstairs will dwell his sandwich shop-slash-retail area. 
Target open: Fall 

Canal Market
Ericka Burke is the latest restaurateur to moonlight as a shopkeep. Her plans for a market in Portage Bay sound pretty idyllic, from the morning toast bar to the house accounts and housemade ice pops.
Target Open: Late summer or early fall.

Chophouse Row
The mass of construction currently happening near 11th and Pike will field some pretty impressive occupants come fall. Kurt Timmermeister will sell cheese and ice cream. Le Gourmand's Sara Naftaly is opening her long-planned bakery here with some partners (she promises more details soon). And Ericka Burke is anchoring the whole shebang with her Chop Shop restaurant and a sibling juice and provisions outpost.
Target open: Fall

Fat's Wings and Waffles
The news ain't great: The South End's other chicken-based project isn't happening. At least not here. The partnership between the owners of Happy Grillmore and owner-of-things Marcus Lalario didn't work out, though all are amicable and (yesssss) the Happy Grillmore folks have plans for a restaurant in that same 9261 57th Ave S address. Lalario retained the name and the idea and promises, "it will happen somewhere else."
Target open: Sad trombone.

Pioneer Square's new Stadium Place is getting its own upscale Korean spot, courtesy of the team behind Kushibar, Umi Sake House, and Momiji. The chef overseeing the menu of meats, panchan, and seasonal bibimbap is a surprising choice, but I'm excited about it: Brandon Kirksey was chef de cuisine at Rione and Tavolata before heading to San Francisco to work at the esteemed Flour and Water. Now he's returning to Seattle for his first foray into Korean food. 
Target open: The first half of 2015

Good Citizen
Liberty's Andrew Friedman is planning a second bar on Olive Way, with a food truck-driven food program and the same convivial hangout vibe as his original spot.
Target open: Last I spoke to Friedman, it was a few months away. 

Good Bar
The Pacific Commercial Building at Second and Main is new project central this summer. Marination partners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison have partnered with Josh Kelly (previously Marination's chef de cuisine) and his wife Nancy to turn a century-old bank space into a cocktail bar. Current intel about the food can be summed up in two words: sloppy joes.
Target open: August 

Hitchcock Deli Georgetown
Brendan McGill is busy filling his second deli location (6003 12th Ave S) with house-fermented kraut, pastrami smoked with applewood, and bacon. Oh god, that bacon.
Target open: Within the next few weeks. 

The Lone Stranger
T-Doug is expanding his baking operations into a new space at Fifth and Lenora. He's also installing a 40-seat cantina here. The name still isn't set in stone, but Douglas says it seems appropriate since the joint will be down the block from Cinerama.
Target open: Too soon to say. 

Whale Wins and Walrus and the Carpenter alums Rachel Johnson and Joe Sundberg have their own seafood-focused spot in the works at 36th and Stone Way. It's pronounced "Mahn-o-LEEN," I just learned.
Target open: Late August/early September

Meat and Bread
The owners of this fanaticism-inducing Canadian sandwich shop say it's still too early to launch into spasms of joy over their arrival in Seattle; the lease hasn't actually been signed on a stateside location in Capitol Hill's Central Agency Building. But this little detail isn't stopping anybody from the aforementioned spasms. Meat and Bread will share quarters with John Sundstrom's new projects. That's a lot of sandwiches in one building, no?
Target open: TBD 

Ethan Stowell is still planning a killer fine dining spot with a feel similar to his Union days. It just isn't likely to be in the place he originally anticipated, the snippet of dining room behind Red Cow. His search for the perfect spot continues. Stay tuned.
Target open: Next year. 

Owners Phebe Rossi and Amanda Bedell are already well established in the kitchen of their new gluten-free bakery at 518 15th Ave E. But the retail component (aka the place where you can show up and buy stuff) is still pending.
Target open: Pretty darn soon, I hope. Bedell said more details would be revealed in the coming days.

Pizzeria Gabbiano
Mike Easton's in that exciting (well, for him probably also very stressful) final stage where things come together at a breakneck pace. Suddenly his forthcoming Roman-style pizza place at Second and Main is starting to look like a restaurant. Johannes Heitzeberg will be running the show here, and I can't wait to see these guys take on pizza.
Target open: Mid July

Hooray! Vuong Loc of Portage and the dearly departed June is back with a new Northwest-French restaurant in Fremont. And this time, he has a wood-fired grill. The back deck sounds pretty great, too.
Target open: Mid July

Quality Athletics
Joshua Henderson's non-fratty sports bar (with an outdoor firepit!) is still coming together, but at least the rooftop garden is planted. Skillet Diner chef de cuisine Seth Richardson is coming over to head up the kitchen, and Josh Batway is running the bar. And let's not forget the new Cone and Steiner location going in next door.
Target Open: September 4—just in time for the Seahawks season opener. 

Schilling Cider House
One of the most recognizable ciders in the city is about to claim a home of its own in the heart of Fremont. This cider bar will have 32 taps and a deep cooler of bottles.
Target open: Within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed. 

Serious Pie Capitol Hill
The new Starbucks roastery on Pike Street will also include a third location of T-Doug's perpetually packed pizza restaurant.
Target open: Right now, October, but the realities of restaurant construction suggest this date is likely to change. 

Shaun McCrain's Mystery Project
We know the longtime Book Bindery chef is striking out on his own. And we know it's happening in Seattle. That's about it, though it's still enough to get us excited. McCrain and girlfriend/front-of-house doyenne Jill Kinney are taking some time off after Book Bindery's final service June 28. Then, hopefully they'll spill. 
Target open: Your guess is as good as mine. 

Eric Johnson has an impressive resume, which includes opening several restaurants for Jean-Goerges Vongerichten in Paris and Shanghai. NBD. Now he's got his own place in the works, blending French and Vietnamese cuisine in a space at 300 E Pike. It's sandwiched between the Tom Douglas-Starbucks building and the future home of Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's Trove.
Target open: Let's just say fall. 

Tavern Hall
Construction began in earnest this week on the Bellevue Square tavern coming to you from the owners of Cactus, with a menu of burgers, soft pretzels, and flatbreads, and an arresting design courtesy of James Weimann and Deming Maclise. It's just your typical 320-seat watering hole with 17 TVs and the facade from a former psychatric hospital in New York. The private-ish event spaces with dedicated shuffleboard courts are unlikely to spend too much time empty.
Target open: Ideally September 1, though that's subject to change.

Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi are packing a quadruple threat on Capitol Hill: a noodle counter, bar, barbecue restaurant, and an ice cream window. Things are progressing slowly, says Yang, but they are progressing.
Target open: Fall 

Taylor Oyster Bar Pioneer Square
The Taylor family was aiming for a Fourth of July opening for company's newest oyster bar, but that didn't quiiiite happen. Taylor's opening will be the latest step in that quiet stretch of Occidental's transition into a major collection of food, from Rain Shadow Squared down to Qualty Athletics and Cone and Steiner at the foot of the street.
Target open: The adjusted date is July 17.



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