Eva Restaurant: One killer neighborhood restaurant.

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OpenTable recently released its 2014 Diners’ Choice Award winners in the Top 100 Neighborhood Gems category, and here’s what they were for Seattle: mkt, the new Ethan Stowell spot in the Tangletown district of Wallingford, and Red Cow, the new Ethan Stowell spot in Madrona.

Call me nutty, but I’m sensing a pattern.

“This list is comprised of tried and true local standbys that boast cult-like followings,” gushes Open Table. Hmmm. How tried-and-true and cultishly followed can a place be that has been open less than a year—in Red Cow’s case, a mere six months? (What will win next? My money’s on Chippy’s.)

Who cares, right? Well in a city as loaded with neighborhood gems as Seattle is, it’d be nice to see old OpenTable report the time-tested spots connoisseurs have been hoofing it to the ‘hoods for over years, not months. Places like Lloydmartin on Queen Anne, Revel in Fremont, Eva near Green Lake, A La Bonne Franquette in Mt. Baker.

Nothing against the winners, mind you; I’m just guessing you might be cultishly following another place or two. If we ask nicely will you share?  



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