They can be found at farmers markets all spring long—bigger and hardier as the season wears on—but those truly devoted to nettles’ herbaceous flavor have been known to take their rubber gloves and pruners to the park the instant the first tender sprouts appear. 

Season: February – June

Find Them: Foraged and Found Edibles,




In years past, Phocas Farms has produced just enough saffron to satisfy local chefs. But lo and behold, 2013’s crop was large enough that lucky marketgoers can still get their hands on some. 

Season: February, until supplies run out

Find it:  Phocas Farms, 360-457-2917 




Few fungi inspire such fanaticism as earthy-tasting morels. There are field guides and forums devoted to identifying the little guys—and if foraging isn’t your thing, you can buy them at the farmers market. 

Season: May – September

Find Them: Foraged and Found Edibles;



Sour Cherries

The Pacific Northwest produces most of the nation’s sweet cherries, but just a sliver of its sour cherry crop. Local chefs place their orders on the small bounty up to a year in advance. 

 Season: July

 Find Them: In limited supply at farmers markets



Shuksan Strawberries

Ruby red and heavy with juice, Shuksans are reputed to be the Platonic ideal of the strawberry. Then again, maybe brevity makes the heart grow fonder—if they’re not eaten the day they’re bought, they’ll macerate overnight.

 Season: February – May

 Find Them: Sakuma Brothers Farms,



Walla Walla Sweet Onions

They’ve come a long way since a French soldier first brought sweet onion seeds to the Walla Walla Valley in the 1900s. A two-day festival dedicated to this oversize, gentle-tasting onion draws thousands to the valley every year. 

Season: June – August

Find Them: Walla Walla Sweet Onions;



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