Each week between now and Labor Day, we present a new or unsung patio for your alfresco imbibing needs.

A few more "beautifications" are en route, but you get the idea.

Since the day Von Trapp's opened, there's been talk of the scrubby parking lot on the building's north side becoming a patio. And it took 16 months, but as of this week, the beer and brat (and bocce) hall has unleashed 60 outdoor seats, in a long-tabled beer garden setup every bit as lavish as the Von Trapp's interior.

There's a full bar. A bocce court. Dedicated bathrooms. Three 70-inch outdoor TVs...all showing the World Cup. A fireplace is in the works, as well as some places to set your beer down while you play a round of bocce. 

Allow me to state the obvious: This place will be a beer-boot-hoisting, table-jockeying, line-out-the-door scene. But a damn nice-looking one. And if you can steal away and visit outside prime patio hours, this seems an ideal spot for some saurbrauten and sunshine, perhaps during lunchtime? Otherwise, the biergarten stays open until 10pm.


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