1. Do you like pinball?

❍  Yes (20 points)

❍  I don’t play, but I guess it’s better than Whac-a-Mole? (0)

❍  No (–20)


2. How fast are your fingers?

❍   I can play the drum solo from the Who’s “My Generation” on my desk with my index fingers, so…pretty fast. (15)

❍   I type 120 words a minute. (5)

❍   I have arthritis. (–10)


3. The first machine to incorporate flippers had a theme based on which well-known fictional character?

❍   Flipper (–10)

❍   Humpty Dumpty (10)


If you had just 50 cents left, what would you do with it?

❍   When my great-grandfather came to this country he had less than a nickel to his name, but he turned that into a small vacuum-store empire. So obviously I would save that 50 cents and invest it wisely to honor him. (–20)

❍   Get a load of Mr. My Grandpa Was a Vacuum Magnate in the answer above. (5)

❍   Play Black Knight, one of the greatest pinball machines of all time and the first to have a two-level playfield (15) 


4. What do you think of when you hear a ding-ding-ding?

❍   Dinner (–5)

❍   Winner (5)


5. Famous pinball designer Steve Ritchie, who will be speaking at the show, has a nickname. What is it?

❍   The Master of Flow (10)

❍   Richie Rich (–5)

❍   Steve. Just Steve. (–10)


To punctuate a citywide ban on pinball in 1942—based on the belief that it was a game of chance, and therefore a form of gambling—New York City mayor Fiorello Henry La Guardia did what?

❍   Played one last game on a Betty Boop machine and set a new high score (–5)

❍   Invited Joe DiMaggio to bust up some machines in a public ceremony but was rebuffed when Yankees manager Joe McCarthy caught wind of it; the front page of the next day’s New York Post read “The Yankee Flipper” (0)

❍    Smashed some machines himself with a sledgehammer (5)


How many times per year do you visit the Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District?

❍   That’s a place that exists? (–5)

❍   I don’t go often enough to put it in “per year” terms, but you can’t beat $13 for unlimited play. (5)

❍   I’m answering this quiz while sitting in the museum’s bathroom. (10)

Pinball’s international organization goes by what name?

❍   International Flipper Pinball Association (5)

❍   International Pinball Association (–5)

❍   Worldwide Ballslapper Alliance (–10)


What’s the most tired, overused, groan-inducing name for an aficionado of the game?

❍   Pinball wizard (10)

❍   Pinball wizard (10)

❍   Pinball wizard (10)


*We totally made up that name because we just couldn’t bring ourselves to call them, well, you know.

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