Credit where credit is due: After running a thinly reported story on several anonymous victims of a serial rapist (a story I criticized because the reporter cited, without refuting the blame-the-victim narrative, absurd claims by the attorney's defenders that the women, who worked at various massage parlors, "simply didn't consent" to sex, as if that isn't the actual definition of rape), the Seattle Times has run a more thorough story by a different reporter that focuses on the trauma suffered by the man's five victims. 

According to the new story, by Times reporter Clarissa Clarridge, the victims were particularly vulnerable because they were relatively new immigrants or had limited English-language skills; one said she had "moved numerous times since the attack in an unsuccessful attempt to recover the sense of security [the perpetrator] took from her." 

It's not a perfect story—I really don't need to hear about a rapist's supposed "sex addiction"—but it gives a fuller picture of the crimes, and the victims, than the previous story, which more or less painted them as anonymous "Asian" victims (hey, Seattle Times? It's a big continent!) of an upstanding citizen who "coached a Little-League Team" and—again, with no qualifier (like, I dunno, "according to his attorney") "suffers from depression." 

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