Honestly people: For our second annual Next Hot Chefs round-up—where we solicited your nominations for Seattle restaurants’ greatest unsung heroes and future household names—we got enough fine suggestions to fill three rosters’ worth of winners. To all who sent nominations for their favorite rising stars, thank you. They were uncommonly thoughtful and we considered them all.

In the end, we could choose but five—and they’re superstars, from the California Girl-turned-Middle East gastronome to the chef who was born the same year, to the month, as his famous restaurant. Meet them here (Shhh! A full four days before the June issue hits the stands!)—then come meet them in person at Seattle Met’s Next Hot Chefs 2014 party, to be held June 4 at the Bullitt Center.  

Oh, and they're bringing food.

Get your tickets here.


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