According to my weather app, the sun should be making an appearance all this week, which means I'm really hoping to see lots of color and joyful abandon in the outfits of everyday Seattleites. You know who could help, if help was needed? Former Seattle Met contributor and major vintage seller Osiris Navarro of Gidgette Bardot, and, for that matter, prop stylist Melanie McCaughan whose prop-styling enterprise is called Into the Gold

This slideshow, a group collaboration between the aforementioned, Mary Kalhor, and a rock-solid team, can help too. Both in terms of inspiration and actual acquisition. Several pieces are available in Navarro's store now.

Vintage seller and stylist Osiris Navarro says she and the team were inspired by Carl Van Vechten's portraits and Diana Vreeland'suse of flowers.
Image: Mary Kalhor



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