Cody Spafford in France in October 2013. Photo via Renee Erickson.

The Walrus and the Carpenter will be closed tonight after a sad and strange revelation today. According to the Seattle Times, Seattle police have identified the man shot and killed during an alleged attempted bank robbery as Cody Spafford, 26, a sous chef at the Ballard restaurant.

According to police reports, the man subsequently identified as Spafford robbed the Wells Fargo branch in Madison Park on April 3 while wearing "lots of makeup, a fake nose, dark wig, and women’s clothing."

Here's the original Times story on the April 3 robbery and the shooting itself; Spafford was apparently armed with a knife when police caught up with him. Eater has some comments from some of Spafford's coworkers at Walrus.

The restaurant announced on its Facebook page that it will be closed tonight "so that we may mourn the loss of a dear and beloved friend."

UPDATE: I heard from Renee Erickson and a few other members of the Walrus team asking if I'd swap the Seattle PD photo for one of Spafford as she and her crew knew him (as of tonight it's also her Facebook profile photo). Seems like a day to respect such a request. Hence the new photo above.


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