Overwhelming in the best possible way. Photo credits clockwise from top left: Intermezzo Carmine's Facebook page; Fat's Wings and Waffles Facebook page; Hokkaido Ramen Santouka; Hitchcock Deli's Facebook page.

8oz Burger and Co. Ballard
The Capitol Hill burger bar is prepping its second location on Market in Ballard. And it appears to have a bit of a farmerly vibe.
Target open: Maaaaybe first week of May? 

The Blind Pig Bistro guys have begun the next phase of their plan to give the restaurant a proper cocktail bar, one named for a type of tusked hog. The food will be a bar-ified take on what happens next door at Blind Pig.
Target open: June...ish.

Beardslee Alehouse
Chef John Howie is heading up a new restaurant, brewery, and distillery that's destined for Bothell's Village at Beardslee Crossing. On the menu: burgers, brats, flatbread, charcuterie, and lots of pickled things. Distiller Erik Liedholm is running the distillery known as Wildwood Spirits Co., while the gentlemanly Drew Clueley is coming over from Big Time to oversee the lineup of 12-13 house beers.
Target open: September .

Brunswick and Hunt
The century-old bar is in. So is the giant hunt-inspired painting. The farm-driven menu and abundance of whiskeys are being finalized. Now we just need to remember to not confuse this Ballard newcomer with Brimmer and Heeltap.
Target open: May, according to Twitter

Ethan Stowell is opening a fish and chips shop in the same building as Staple and Fancy. Also on the menu: clam chowder, fried oysters, crab rolls, and a full bar.
Target open: Right now it looks like May. 

Chop Shop
Ericka Burke wants to transplant the homey neighborhood feel of Volunteer Park Cafe to another corner of Capitol Hill, one with more public urination, but also more apartment dwellers in need of that community feel. She's bringing a full-on restaurant, plus a sandwich shop and juice bar. Burke is the anchor tenant in the very cool Chophouse Row project.
Target open: Fall.

Culture Club
Sadly Calf and Kid owner Sheri LaVigne is still searching for a location for what promises to be a stupendous bar, dedicated to cheese. Uh, anyone know a good space in Ballard? 
Target open: In my dreams.

Damn the Weather
The drinks will be courtesy of accomplished local barman Bryn Lumsden. The food will be the work of longtime Walrus and the Carpenter chef Eli Dahlin. There's a low roar of excitement happening around this one, but the guys want this to be more of a casual neighborhood spot than a den of precocity.
Target open: Lumsden promises soft openings "before June is upon us." 

Elysian Bar
The brewery's opening a new place downtown, but it's definitely not a pub. The food is upscale, and the cocktail program is basically the New York Yankees of local bartenders. Meanwhile, 18 taps will dispense Elysian's wares. The two-story space with a curving staircase sounds pretty smashing, too.
Target open: the end of April.

Fat's Wings and Waffles
Darren McGill, the owner of Happy Grillmore food truck is partnering up with man-about-Capitol-Hill Marcus Lalario to open a chicken and waffles shop. A happy surprise, this will be in Rainier Beach.
Target open: Late April or early May, per Eater. So...soon. 

Flying Squirrel Georgetown
The longtime home of Calamity Jane's will soon become the third location for Flying Squirrel Pizza Company. This will be the Squirrel's first foray into lunch service, and personal-size pizzas. 
Target open: End of May. 

Frost Doughnuts
The destinationworthy Mill Creek doughnut shop is expanding its square footage and its menu. The resulting "dessert lounge" will traffic in cupcakes and soft serve frozen custard in custom flavors, which can be dispensed on top of a doughnut for a most decadent sundae. The new Lucylle coffee is custom roasted by Victrola and named for the mom of one of the founders. Awww. 
Target open: Mid May, after a weeklong closure. The new Frost will be open until 10.

Good Citizen
The forthcoming Liberty sibling on Olive Way has a cool plan for its food program: Owner Andrew Friedman will turn over the kitchen to the owners of various food trucks, giving them a three-month brick-and-mortar stint in a kitchen with no grill or fryer. Can someone make this a reality show, please? Look for lots of cocktails on tap, and in other pre-batched forms for maximum drink-dispensing efficiency.
Target open: ???

Good Bar
Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton of Marination partnered up with their former chef Josh Kelly and scored one hell of a space in an old bank building for their forthcoming cocktail bar. The menu will be totally different from all things Marination, but there's talk of a mean sloppy joe.
Target open: July.

Hitchcock Deli Georgetown
The Bainbridge Island original has become a mainstay for sandwiches, coffee, and chef-owner Brendan McGill's eye-popping bacon. Now he's recreating the magic down in Georgetown, at 6003 12th Avenue S, with wood-fired breads, plenty of charcuterie, and a patio.
Target open: Mid May, if permits cooperate.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
The Japanese-based ramen chain about to open its first freestanding restaurant in Bellevue (there are others in the US, but all are attached to Asian supermarkets). There's already a solid fan base in town.
Target open: The official word is April 24.

Ines Patisserie
The charming little Madison Valley patisserie is headed to a larger space in a new building at 11th and Madison on Capitol Hill. More space means more ability for owner Nohra Belaid to do proper Parisian pastries.
Target open: Hopefully the end of May. Permit issues pertaining to the color of the building dealt a setback that's unusual even in the weird world of restaurant buildouts.

Intermezzo Carmine
Il Terrazzo Carmine is getting in on the Pioneer Square trendiness and planning a cicchetti bar (aka drinks and small bites) next door.
Target open: The last word was late March, so hopefully soon? 

John Sundstrom's Raw Bar and Cured Meat Palace
The chef says it will be another few weeks before he finalizes a name, but that doesn't stop us from being plenty excited about his second restaurant, located in a stunning rehabbed building not too far from Lark. Downstairs—a traditional dining room. Upstairs—a cocktail and raw bar with plenty of jamon and proscuitto. Also—a sandwich shop. Be still my heart.
Target open: July...ish.

Construction has finally begun at Kurt Dammeier's forthcoming South Lake Union restaurant. The finished version will have lots of meat, both smoked and grilled. However Dammeier and the Sugar Mountain team don't want to say much more until the opening date is more solid.
Target open: The future.

Alums from the Walrus and the Carpenter and the Whale Wins are all over this forthcoming seafood bar on Stone Way. Eater Seattle has the full rundown of menu items both raw and wood fired.
Target open: July. 

Mioposto Ravenna
The Mount Baker cafe is bringing its wood-fired pizza to NE 55th Street, as well as morning espresso and breakfast sandwiches. This seems like a slam dunk for the neighborhood.
Target open: June. 

Now that his steak frites restaurant Red Cow is in full swing on Madrona's main drag, Ethan Stowell is channeling his first restaurant, Union, in a tiny restaurant in back of the property. It's a bold move: Just four tables, four additional bar seats, one seating a night, and a menu on a scale that could compare to French Laundry.
Target open: The very latest word—July.

The gluten-free bakery has moved into its new production space on Capitol Hill. The front part of the space at 518 15th Ave E (most recently North Hill Bakery) is slated to be a retail bakeshop.
Target open: Hopefully by summer. Until then you can find Nuflours' wares at farmers markets and cafes around town.

Pizzeria Gabbiano
Mike Easton and right-hand man Johannes Heitzeberg are back from what was surely a grueling research trip and readying a menu of Roman street-style pizzas that bear a passing resemblance to focaccia. Their space at Second and Main is right next door to the future Good Bar.
Target open: Easton is shooting for June 1. 

Quality Athletics
Joshua Henderson's take on a sports bar will include an outdoor fire pit, non-fratty foodstuffs, and a prime location in the new Stadium Place development. Henderson and fellow Huxley Wallace-ite Matthew Parker are up for a James Beard Award for the design of Westward, so presumably the decor here will not consist of framed jerseys and old Sonics posters. There's a Cone and Steiner market going in next door, too.
Target open: The Huxley Wallace team is still aiming for September. Because, sports.

Rachel Yang's House of All That Is Glorious
Revel and Joule's forthcoming sibling at 500 E Pike still has no name. But it does have a chef de cuisine, and ambitious plans that include Korean barbecue, noodles, beer, and frozen desserts.
Target open: Good question. Apparently running two megapopular restaurants and raising two kids keep chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi kind of busy. We're keeping an eye on this one.

Restaurant Marron
A restaurant serving nothing but 16-course tasting menus (and a quicker four-course option) is a serious endeavor. But chef Eric Sakai doesn't want to be all snobby about it. He swears you can show up in shorts and a T-shirt, though sweats sound even better at the end of a meal like this.
Target open: June. 

Serious Pie Capitol Hill
Tom Douglas's first foray onto Capitol Hill will be his third pizza restaurant. And it's going into the building where Starbucks is opening a roastery. Reportedly Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a big fan, and has been courting T-Doug on various fronts for ages. Here's the initial word from Capitol Hill Seattle blog, and more details (sandwich-related details) from Zagat.
Target open: That is a damn good question. Right now the word is "fall."

Eater has details on this new French-Vietnamese spot coming to Capitol Hill courtesy of Jean-Georges alum Eric Johnson, who worked for the chef in Paris and Shanghai.
Target open: Fall. 

Taylor Oyster Bar(s)
It turns out most of us go to Taylor Shellfish's Melrose Market store to consume oysters rather than shop for them. So the company is working on two new oyster bars, one in Pioneer Square, another in the new Expo Building across from Seattle Center (with an ample patio). Neither location will have retail, just lots of shellfish in both raw and stew/chowder/baked/steamed forms.
Target open: May for the Queen Anne location, July for Pioneer Square. 



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