I haven't done a "Last Night" post in a while, but for the (sad) record:

Last pizza:

Last slice: 

My best pal Tom took me to Piecora's on my first night in Seattle 15 years ago. We've been going back for celebrations, overdue confabs, and basic meals ever since.

Last night was a first and a last at Piecora's.

For the first time ever, we had to wait for a table. But of course, it was to place our last order, the exact same order we've made ever since 1999: A whole cheese pie and two Cokes.

Capitol Hill Seattle had what I wished was one of those April 1 news stories early last week.

The Stranger has some official goodbyes.

My official goodbye, over T-Rex (of course they were playing a great '70s rock record) and a conversation Tom and I couldn't have possibly imagined back in 1999 (about tumblr, Vox.com's CMS, and Lorde's urbanist politics)—along with  a conversation we could have totally imagined, Tom's bookstore—ended by not willing to let it end.  

We bought a couple of pies to go, to store in the freezer:


Piecora's closes forever on April 15.

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