Tracy Reese's bold brow game for fall 2014 Fashion Week.
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Someone call 1980 Brook Shieldsthe bold brow is back with a vengeance.

But in the years since furry eye-toppers were a thing, all the plucking and waxing required for maintaining a clean, shapely look has unfortunately left many of us with the inability to sprout runway-worthy brows.

Thankfully, there are any number of powders, pencils, and gels formulated to beef brows up. There's even eyebrow transplant surgery (thanks, Cara Delevingne), if you're so inclined. Yikes.

And making a comeback: eyebrow tinting.

Now if you're picturing grandma and co. getting their perms set while a stylist slaps on a brow paste to perfectly match their 'do (often with Sharpie-esque results), think again. The modern brow tint is an art in itself, not a one-stop add on to a hair service.

On top of the trend is Liberté Liberté—her full legal name—of  Liberté Beauty in Ballard. 

Liberté, whose salon motto is "the person not the service shines," meticulously applies a specialized European-made tint mixed to uniquely match your individual brow and bring out your beautiful peepers. The product fills in light baby hairs and slightly tints the skin, resulting in a polished, natural look that generally hangs on for six to eight weeks. 

The treatment slightly darkened my brunette brows, and overall left them looking thicker and more dramatic. There's no adding that Cara fluff, but I'm totally sold, both on the idea of ditching my eyebrow pencil and a future of follow up appointments with Liberté, who is fun and warm and soothing, in addition to being a consummate professional.

Whether you want to discreetly define blonde brows or make an auburn eyebrow splash (or even just spend a mood-boosting half hour in Liberté's sunny salon), I highly recommend an appointment in Ballard. Tinting services are $30; add a brow-design session to shape and define for $35.


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