Looks like someone you might run into at ECCC. Photo via the Rabbit Hole.

Wolverine, Lt. Uhura, and a Whovian walk into a bar…that’s no joke. Emerald City Comicon will be sweeping Seattle this weekend, March 28 to 30. And what better way to show nerd solidarity than sharing a drink? These five walkable bars will continue the ECCC festivites for Comicongoers from all over the world looking to live it up, nerd style. Pull up a chair, there’s plenty of geekdom to go around.

No bar in Seattle is quite like Shorty’s—combining the look of Pennywise’s home, with the charm of old-school video arcades. Leave the Tardis at the hotel and visit the swanky back bar known as the Trophy Room for $6 craft cocktail specials (Friday 4-9 only!). Happy hour at Shorty’s defies any sort of schedule; drop in and cross your fingers for awesome deals such as $2 tallboys.

Rabbit Hole
It's like Cheers, except with rabbit heads. Try the Donnie Darko cocktail ($7), or better yet the Jessica Rabbit ($7) to get you in the spirit of this unabashedly divey neighborhood bar. Order the nachos ($8) if you dare; few have been able to finish them in one sitting, but that’s probably because they are waiting for a skeeball machine to open up. Happy hour 4-7pm daily.

Belltown Pub
Sure, there's food and drinks, but this bar is a staple for its foosball, plethora of board games, complimentary guitars, and shuffleboard. Bar food ranges from gumbo ($7) to grilled brats ($6), but most impressive is the moonshine cocktail menu—an entire cocktail list made with Midnight Moon flavored moonshine, aka unaged whiskey. The most appropriate selection for Comicon weekend is clearly the Sailor Moon ($8) (schoolgirl not included), made with apple pie-flavored moonshine, then you can move on to with dollar-off wells and drafts. Happy hour 4-6 pm daily, 10pm-1am Sunday through Thursday only.

Altstadt is for the battle junkie nerd in all of us. It would seem owner Brendan McGill had Heorot in mind when designing this German beer hall and brat house. The wood and brick set up is a step out of time that’s sure to make you feel like a medieval warrior. Try the brat sliders ($9) and the Köstritzer beer ($4); the pommes frites ($4) are reliably excellent.  Happy hour 3-6pm Monday through Friday.

Once a mortuary, Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub is arguably Seattle’s most haunted building. Break out the EMF readers, Supernatural nerds, and keep an eye on your drinks—they have been known to mysteriously fly at the wall. Enjoy Irish-inspired food like Belfast bangers ($3) alongside classic pub grub like chicken wings ($3). The drinks are super cheap ($4.50 and under for all wells and drafts), and you are bound to hear a ghostly story or two.  Happy hour 4-7pm daily (drink specials Monday through Thursday only).


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