The best one-night stands usually involve tacos. Image via LloydMartin.

For food writers—or journalists of any sort—April 1 is usually filled with fake, jokey press releases guaranteed to roll your eyeballs (I’m looking at you, Ivar’s). And yet I am totally on board with restaurants adopting an entirely new persona just for the day. I wish more establishments did this, labor intensive though it may be. But until that happens, there’s always LloydMartin

Last year Sam Crannell’s comfortably inventive Queen Anne restaurant went tapas for April Fool's. This year he’s turning the joint into Chicharron, a one-night-only Mexican restaurant. 

From 4 to 10 on April 1, LloydMartin’s usual menu will be replaced by queso fundido, guac, three types of ceviche, and tacos. And I am assuredly on board with Crannell’s version of tacos; his come stuffed with braised goat, salsa verde, feta, and pickled onion, or perhaps rabbit and avocado with mole poblano and queso fresco. 

Here’s a partial menu for Chicharron (established 2014). Crannell promises there will, in fact, be chicharrones on the menu. There's also talk of a cricket taco.

Unlike LloydMartin, this place doesn’t do reservations; it’s walk-ins only for April 1.


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