Murray's policy director, Robert Feldstein/Image: Miles Fortune

During last year's mayoral campaign, we noted that then-candidate Ed Murray was not exactly an outspoken champion of urbanism.

We wrote: "At a time when cities and metro regions are emerging as the solution to the environmental crisis and the economic doldrums, Murray, unlike McGinn, is neither a committed nor passionate urbanist. He doesn’t wake up thinking about light rail and bike lanes and density the way McGinn does."

So, while Erica has been excited about now-Mayor Murray's multi-culti hires (nearly half of his initial group of top hires are women, and nearly half are ethnic minorities)—and I'm as big a fan as anyone of OneAmerica immigrant rights organizer Rahwa Habte (RIP beloved Hidmo), whom Murray has appointed as youth outreach manager—I'd like to focus on a white dude.

Earlier this year, Murray named Robert Feldstein, former NYC Mayor NYC Michael Bloomberg's policy shop chief of staff, as head of his own policy office.

During the Bloomberg years, New York City changed dramatically, from a city that was stuck in the 20th Century, to an innovative green metropolis. Feldstein was part of the Bloomberg machine that made it happen.

I've written a profile of Feldstein for our monthly "Power Lines" feature in the April issue of the magazine spotlighting Feldstein as a key member of the new mayor's office. 


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