A few things you might see at Satay's new bakery pop up this weekend. Photos via Tracy Marcella.

This is apparently the season of bakery pop ups. Yesterday Tracy Marcella wrote me about her Marcella’s Juice and Pastry shop that debuts this weekend at Satay in Wallingford. She recently left her role as breakfast chef at Chelsea Station Inn to focus on baking—she professes a particular passion for macarons, inspired by the ones at Bakery Nouveau.

Marcella’s Juice and Pastry will operate from 8 to 11 on Saturdays and Sundays. The proprietress will be whipping up a few juices to order (made with organic produce) and serving items like croissants, bacon-cheddar scones, cinnamon brioche rolls, and a rotating macaron flavor.

Meanwhile, less than a mile away, Rachael Coyle is bringing her popular Coyle’s Bakeshop pop up back to Book Larder and making it a weekly thing--Saturdays from 9 to noon. And on April 6, Laura Pyles debuts her Parchment bakery pop up over at Brimmer and Heeltap.


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