I don't hold the reins at the PubliCalendar anymore, but if I did, I definitely wouldn't have let today pass without noting that it's Thank Your Transit Operator Day, an opportunity to let your Metro/Community Transit/Sounder/Link Light Rail/Pierce Transit (etc.) driver know you appreciate the hard work they do getting you where you need to be each and every day. 

My regular bus driver always greets me with a smile and a friendly "good morning," does his best to get to the stop on time, and has never once splashed me on a rainy morning. (He also recently dropped off an elderly woman at an unofficial stop in front of the food bank so she didn't have to walk there in the rain—not the kind of thing that's officially sanctioned by Metro, but a welcome bit of human decency.)

Dealing with the public is difficult, particularly when a not-insignificant portion of that public doesn't want to pay, is belligerent, breaks the rules, or—in rare circumstances—is outright dangerous. If you take transit, take the time to thank the people who do this often-thankless job today. 

Or, if you're feeling shy, Seattle Transit Blog has a list of links to commendation forms at the region's major transit agencies. 



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