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For Today

Pi Day

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner it’s possible you may overlook another very important holiday. This Friday marks Pi Day, which celebrates the mathematical constant: the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. (You know: 3.14159265359.........)

Bring your kids to the Seattle Children’s Museum to celebrate with math and food stories, pizza pie, and for dessert, even more pie. It’s a delicious way to get young minds interested in math at an early age.

The event starts at noon, but 1:59 is when it really gets going. 

Pi Day, Fri, March 14, 12pm, Seattle Children’s Museum 305 Harrison St, $8.25.

For Saturday

The Black Forest [29,930,000 tons]

Seattle artist Hans Baumann is covering a full acre of Cougar Mountain with black charcoal bio-char for his site specific installation funded by 4Culture. This piece, The Black Forest [29,930,000 tons], is designed to reflect Cougar Mountain’s history as a site for coal extraction, which is unnoticeable to visitors today in the lush forest.

The number 29,930,000 represents the estimated CO₂ emissions (in tons) from the site’s mining days, but also optimistically suggests that this same area may capture and remove the same amount of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Join the artist Saturday morning at 11am at the Red Town trail head for a short hike to the instillation site, where Baumann will answer questions about the work.

The Black Forest [29,930,000], Cougar Mountain, 11am, free.

For Sunday

There are big changes coming to the waterfront, however slowly, and Cascade Bicycle Club will hold a policy ride making many stops along it to discuss them all. Meet at Occidental Park for a weaving seven-mile route and hear about plans, both existing and wishful, for the coming two-way protected bike lane, the ferry terminal, intersections, and enhancing the Interbay Trail.

The ride ends at the Seattle Aquarium right by Waterfront Week’s “Field Day”, so it’s a perfect opportunity to bring along less policy-minded children for a family weekend peddle.

Waterfront Policy Ride, Sunday March 16, 1-2:30pm, Occidental Park, free.


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