Harry Bailey
Is it weird that his name makes us think of George’s brother in It’s a Wonderful Life? Here’s hoping SPD’s new interim chief becomes our new favorite Harry Bailey by helping to put the department on a desperately needed new course

By skewering Cristal-and-Maybach culture with “Royals,” the 17-year-old chanteuse from New Zealand has become the biggest thing in pop—and she didn’t even have to twerk or stick out her tongue to get there. (WaMu Theater, Mar 24)

John Legere
The Bellevue-based T-Mobile CEO further cemented his bad-boy image when he crashed a party held by rival AT&T at the International CES show in Las Vegas. But in his defense, Macklemore was performing at the shindig.

Marilyn McKenna
Rob’s wife has been a force of nature on social media for a while, and her latest salvo—calling “bullshit” on Facebook for removing photos of her weight loss—reminds us that Facebook does kind of suck.

Scott Golder
We’d love to buy dinner for the local linguistics researcher who came up with the crazy-fun New York Times dialect quiz that went viral this winter. Or is it supper? Or both? Apparently there’s a difference.

Sonia Sotomayor
The first Latina Supreme Court justice is on a book tour for My Beloved World, in which she recounts her journey from poverty in the Bronx to a seat on the high court. ¿Cómo se dice “badass”? (Town Hall, Mar 10)

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