UPDATE: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers spokeswoman Melanie Collett tells PubliCola that Rep. McMorris Rodgers had her pay withheld during the shutdown, but did "keep her pay" after the shutdown concluded. It's unclear if McMorris Rodgers' pay was reduced at all.

Collett says: "The Congresswoman sent a letter to the Chief Administrative Officer and asked to have her pay held. As the letter stated, the Congresswoman’s pay was withheld until normal government operations resumed, so on November 1 after normal operations had resumed she did keep her pay."

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The Washington Post followed up with the list of U.S. senators and reps who said last fall during the government shutdown that they'd forgo their salaries while Congress was out of service to see what they actually did.

"Of the 237 lawmakers who originally said they wouldn't accept their pay, nearly 150 have responded," the Post says. Two who have not responded, however, hail from Washington state: Reps. Doc Hastings and Cathy McMorris Rodgers, both Republicans.

The Post has not been able to determine what Reps. Hastings and McMorris Rodgers did. 

According to the Post, six members of Washington state's federal delegation—U.S. Reps. Suzan DelBene (D-WA, 1) Doc Hastings (R-WA, 4), Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-WA, 3), Derek Kilmer (D-WA, 6), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5), and Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8)—originally said last year that they'd give up their salaries during the shutdown.

The Post confirmed that DelBene and Kilmer returned the money they would have been paid during the shutdown to the U.S. Treasury.

DelBene, they report, returned "$5,957 to the U.S. Treasury in October. DelBene made a 'sequester promise' in April to donate 8 percent of her salary each month back to the Treasury. Her October donation includes her 'sequester promise' for October and November and 'pay for the duration of the shutdown.'"

And they report that Rep. Kilmer sent back "$5,706.32, 'his pay for the full duration of the shutdown,' to the U.S. Treasury."

They also report that Herrera Beutler "Donated an undisclosed amount to Shared Hope International of Vancouver, Wash"—a group that works to combat sex trafficking.

Meanwhile, the Post reports that Rep. Reichert sent a letter to the chief administrator of the house "requesting that his pay be withheld 'until the lapse in appropriations ends.'"

The Post has not been able to determine what Reps. Hastings or McMorris Rodgers, the chair of the house Republicans, did.

We have messages in to Reps. Hastings and McMorris Rodgers.


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