Even white boys got to shout. Photos via Justin Cline.

Last year, Full Tilt ice cream developed a flavor in honor of the band Mudhoney, a fudge-swirled honey cinnamon that prompted the band to perform at Full Tilt’s shop in White Center. 

The next local musician to earn this sweet tribute: Sir Mix-a-Lot (I still love this interview my colleague Matt Halverson did on the 20th anniversary of "Baby Got Back"). Full Tilt owner Justin Cline says he connected with the rapper, like you do, through a member of his posse. The Full Tilt crew brainstormed flavors and got some round things in his face for Mix to try. 

And really, what’s the point of making ice cream for Sir Mix-a-Lot if you can’t come up with names like I Like Big Butterscotch, Mack Daddy Peppermint Patty, or My Toffee's on Broadway? These are among the samples Cline and crew delivered to Sir Mix-a-Lot's house—rumor has it his kitchen is magnificent. Once the rapper gets sprung on one particular flavor, Full Tilt will produce it. Is it too late to put in a request for a nice, savory Put ‘Em on the Lemongrass? Okay, I'll stop now.

Keep an eye on Full Tilt's Facebook page for more particulars. But don’t look for a Macklemore flavor any time soon, says Cline. “Then we’d just be starf—kers.”


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