The Seattle Met style team has one goal this holiday season: making your gift giving a total cinch. From our five-page Holiday Gift Guide, to a roundup of local popup shops, and holiday items of the moment, you should be able to just point a finger at our blog and find the perfect present.

Next up: The first in our seasonal series of extra gift items made by local brands and designers, starting with some gentlemanly items (but hey, they can be for anyone) sourced around Seattle.

Image via Hammer and Awl

First up: Found at go-to guy shop Hammer and Awl, this luxe leather weekender is made by Seattle up-and-comer Majdor. The bag is made of antiqued leather imported from Germany, rich and supple like an armchair, and made in America entirely by one craftsman. High quality, vintage inspired, and a workman aesthetic ... what's not to love? The bag is priced at $1,200, hefty for sure but consider the lifetime of uses (what we like to call an investment piece). Majdor only makes a small run of each of its products, so you know the lucky recipient on your gift list will have something truly unique this season.

As many good ideas go, this handmade oyster knife originated when Jeremy Buben (Seattle Met intern extraordinaire) couldn't find a stylish, well-made shucker while on the hunt for a gift. Luckily, Buben had an in with local knife maker Robb Gray of Graycloud Designs, and together they crafted this limited-edition knife complete with a polished shed elk-antler handle and stainless steel blade. (Available on Etsy for $275.)

Image via Mod Radio

These refurbished vintage radios from Tacoma-based Mod Radio are almost constantly sold out. And for good reason, the retro-chic statement pieces are made from antique radios (sourced at flea markets and the like) that have been completely gutted and fitted with modern speaker systems. While the radio portion no longer functions, each one is equipped with an audio input for plugging in your iPod or any tech with an audio output. Some versions even include Bluetooth technology. (Radios range from $300 to $575. At the time of writing five radios are available at Click! Design That Fits in West Seattle ... better hurry!)