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A recent transplant from Portland to Seattle, Adam Kachman now runs things behind the marble horseshoe bar at Pioneer Square’s newest addition, Good Bar. Coming from a cooking background—10 years that culminated in opening up both the kitchen and bar at Portland’s Trifecta Tavern—Kachman is now ready to give the occupation of barkeep his full focus. But once a chef always a chef.

Take for instance the Breakfast Flip, Good Bar’s made-to-order answer to eggnog. The boozy breakfast-inspired concoction includes corn-based bourbon, cream macerated with frosted flakes for that breakfast cereal taste, Vermont maple syrup, fresh grated nutmeg, and a whole egg (the shell acts as a natural whisk when shaken and is later strained out). It’s like a short order cook took over the bar, and we can’t wait to see what other culinary libations might happen.


Here, five questions for Adam Kachman of Good Bar

What do you think of your new neighborhood?
I love it. I actually just moved down here about a month ago. I live two blocks from Good Bar. It's great, more and more new places keep opening up that are making the neighborhood a destination. 

What is the most underrated spirit in your opinion?
I would say rum. We have about eight different rums at Good Bar, equal to the amount of gins that we have. It's a really great thing to work with and you can do really fun stuff with it. Rum is versatile—you can make a Manhattan or an old fashioned; you can make a rum Sazerac. It's a really great spirit, especially rhum agricole, which is from sugar cane and not molasses, so you get a lot more funk, subtly, and floral notes to it.

When you're on the other side of the bar what do you order?
I've been trying to branch out; right now my favorite cocktail is the Last Word. Mainly because it has a similar story to myself: The Last Word was conceived in Detroit and I'm from Detroit, it was invented there and then lost in history a bit and rediscovered in Seattle relatively recently. And then honestly sometimes when I'm just out, a Rainier tallboy, I'm not really a complicated person. 

What do you think will be the trend for drinks this winter in Seattle?
Hopefully the Breakfast Flip (laughs). I really would like to see people doing rich and robust drinks, but not falling into clichés with holiday cocktails. 

Can you tell me about your toughest shift at a bar?
As far as our friends and family opening (recently at Good Bar) we invited around 80 people and had over 200 show up. The night before somebody turned off our freezers so I lost all of my ice and had to order hand-cut cubes from Creative Ice. We just got worked over, you know we put our heads down and cranked out cocktails as fast as we could, but that night was madness. People were five deep at the bar, it was insanity.


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