Cinerama 2.0 
The Seattle institution reopened yesterday after a nearly four month-long renovation project. Besides seating and technology, other updates include the food and drink menu. Concession options now include Brave Horse Tavern pretzels, Uli’s Sausages, and Full Tilt ice cream, to name a few. Be sure to grab a Fremont or Elysian beer on your way in.

A former bank at Second and Main is now a seriously good-looking cocktail bar, backed by the ladies of Marination with a food menu by Josh Kelly, the former chef of all things Marination. Sloppy joes and breakfast flips for all. 

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
With 19 locations in the U.S. this is only the second outpost of the popular hot pot chain in Washington. According to Seattle Weekly, the recently opened International District location (609 S Weller St) has three different broths to choose from, based on spiciness, more than 20 different protein choices, and an array of vegetables, noodles, and sauces. For a mere $20 it’s essentially all-you-can-eat, which is at the same time overwhelming and hunger-inducing.


Whole Foods Westlake
Oyster season is here again, and so is Whole Foods' insane oyster happy hour. It happens every third Tuesday of the month from 5–7pm at the South Lake Union location.  With the Barron Points a mere $0.69 apiece, the most painful part will be waiting in the unavoidable line. Do it for the oysters.


Rachel’s Ginger Beer Capitol Hill
You know that fancy new art/housing/retail building on 12th? Well it just got fancier thanks to the addition of a second location of Rachel’s Ginger Beer set to open (hopefully) March 2015.  This one will be more bar-like with a counter to sit at and it’ll have fries, various dipping sauces, and maybe cheese curds. Really, who could say no to that.


Cafe Petirosso
The small Capitol Hill restaurant will begin a monthly dinner starting this coming Monday. Dinner comes with pairings that highlight a slew of alcoholic beverage. The first outing will have steamed mussels in Epic Brewing's IPA, for example. Dinner isn't formal and doesn't require reservations; stop in between 6–10pm and get a specialty cocktail while you're at it. 

Bird is the word. Hitchcock has replaced its Monday night Bruciato pizza popup with this great sounding meal. Say it out loud. Feels good, huh? (Definition: a game bird of some sort, split down the back and grilled.) Along with dollar oysters and the full cocktail list it sounds like Bainbridge Island just got a cure for the Mondays. 


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