Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us. 

Originally from Illinois, Susie Curnutte moved to Seattle to explore a new part of the country and live in a wine-producing region. After studying abroad in Florence and observing “cool, unassuming people who made good food and wine a part of their everyday lives,” Curnutte decided to pursue a career related to her new passion. She worked at the sadly defunct distributor Triage Wines, and is now the Import Portfolio Manager for Cordon Selections. 

So what do you think, Susie Curnutte, what should I drink tonight?

I drink a lot more white wine than red, but when the temperature is so low I crave something like the 2011 Alfredo Maestro Vina Almate Tempranillo that will keep me warm and matches January fare flavors. Made from organic grapes, this wine has notes of cherry, black currant, dates, orange zest, dry herbs, and a touch of fennel. On the palate it is very dry with a full, velvety body up front, then a lean and fine tannic finish with a bright, herbaceous lingering flavor. It's a versatile wine and not too heavy on the palate. It will be good with grilled and roasted meats, but I’m going to have it with pancetta, mushrooms, and seared veggies in pasta with loads of fresh herbs.  

The Price: $17-$20

Find It: Esquin, Vif



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