Our inner tween had a fan-girl heart attack last May when pop star (see also: killer dancer, favorite late-night guest, and generally suave sensation) Justin Timberlake announced a Seattle date on his 20/20 Experience tour. But if you haven't snagged seats already, the January 17th event at KeyArena is officially sold out.

In case you'll miss seeing him on stage, we've put together—for your stake-out pleasure—a list of local shops that might suit the singer while he's in town.

Consider this a fantastical exercise in JT references rather than his actual shopping itinerary, but, please, if you do spot him in any local stores do send out the alert. And Justin, just know we're more than happy to tag along.

Timberlake doesn't have to look far to find that 20/20 experience in town. Seattle is home to women's e-tailer Rivet and Sway, chic SLU boutique Optical Nerve, and just-opened specs shop See Eyewear. Here's to hoping they'll help him get back into that geek chic Social Network look.

I can't wait to get you on the Flor good lookin'. Those lyrics are about the Belltown custom carpet shop, right? In case JT is in the market for some on-trend flooring without the expense and commitment of a Persian rug, the First Ave store has him covered. As a bonus, a Flor carpet is incredibly easy to assemble since he seems like the type to get his interior-design hands dirty.

For suits and ties we're sending the singer downtown to Mario's in search of well-tailored Italian wools and luxury basics in an intimate paparazzi-free setting. (Are paparazzi even a thing in Seattle?) A few blocks away, Timberlake can pick up modern accessories and take care of any last-minute alterations at the new Suitsupply store on Fifth.

What goes around comes back around at local thrift haunts like Red Light and Value Village. Perhaps Timberlake can take a note from our own hometown hero Macklemore, who shared with us his favorite secondhand stores and expert tips for finding ways to bring sexy back. Perhaps they can even go shopping together. Is that just too much for our pop culture loving hearts to dream of? 


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