Talk about third time being the charm and all that: Opening up Bellevue Fashion Week to a sold-out crowd last Wednesday night, the Independent Designer Runway Show unmistakably hit its stride this year as ten top local designers sent six months of their hard work down the catwalk. 

Before the models took to the runway, the designers hung out in the foyer showcasing selections from their previous seasons—often the same clothes that won them the spot in the competition to begin with.

(Cue high-energy soundtracks and collection after stunning collection as the pieces hit the stage.)

When the proverbial dust cleared, the evening's grand prize was awarded to designer Deborah Roberts and her line Silvae. Handing over the crown, judge (and just-departed Seattle Met style editor) Laura Cassidy described Roberts as "an amazing, technical designer who also has a really deep conceptual routine with her work. The variety of silhouettes and pieces in her collection is just plain impressive."

Runner-up: Jenny Fort for her line Lu. "As for Jenny, she is somebody we were very surprised by in the beginning," said Cassidy. "But throughout the program we saw her developing and developing and her scene on the runway just felt so wearable and inclusive. A lot of women could, and would, wear those pieces."

The evening was a success as far as showing a wide variety of highly original looks. And our girl LC couldn't have summed it up better: "If I could pick my two favorite looks from each designer, I wouldn't have to go shopping for a year." 

Check out a few of our favorite picks looks from #IDRS14 below. 

The night's big winner Silvae. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Some more looks from Silvae. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Boho Republic. Photo by Team Photogenic.

April Pride. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Calotype. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Cuddy. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Klad. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Fioravanti. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Lu.. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Rebekah Adams. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Rebekah Adams. Photo by Team Photogenic.

Tom Ordonio. Photo by Team Photogenic.