No surprise, Ericka Burke's mercantile will have great baked goods. Here's one of the many future offerings at Canal Market. Photo via Canal Market Facebook page


Canal Market
Ericka Burke’s action-packed market is set to open mid-November in Portage Bay. Plans still call for a deli area with made-to-order salads and sandwiches, a juice and espresso bar, organic produce, artisan ice cream, wine, beer, and various household essentials.

Hot Cakes Capitol Hill
Autumn Martin has staked her claim in Capitol Hill and will soon fulfill citizens' desperate cry for molten cakes, s'mores, and boozy shakes. The second location of  her dessert haven will stand on the former site of B&O Espresso on East Olive Way and should open early 2015.


La Isla del Mojito 

Columbia City Source reports that the area now has a Latin dining option thanks to the owners of Grecian Delight on Rainier Ave. The menu isn't just run-of-the-mill Mexican fare, it features petacones, plaintains with garlic sauce, lechon asado, a baked pork dish, filete a caballo, beef with tomato sauce, and of course three different flavors of mojitos. [h/t Eater Seattle]


Venik Lounge
It happened a few months back, but apparently South Lake Union vodka house Venik Lounge has closed. In its place is newcomer Ten on 9th with a large selection of cocktails and spirits, and a bistro-style menu featuring Belgian frites, lamb sliders, and a ribeye steak.

The Confectional
The Broadway location of the local cheesecake shop has closed its doors, at least for retail. Capitol Hill Seattle blog reported that a sign on the door claims “restructuring” as the cause. Its two other locations in Pike Place Market and Seattle Center remain open. 


The Lion's Den
Tom Douglas and local investor Jeri Andrews are inviting entreprenuers and inventors alike to submit business proposals. These two, along with the "Lions," (a group of locally successful investors), will vet pitches in front of a live audience. Winners receive mentoring and funding for their project. Sound familiar? The pair were inspired by ABC's Shark Tank if that helps to paint a picture for what this might look like. The first Lion's Den will be in January and proposals are due mid-December.