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Kari’s Island Elixirs Hop Citrus Bitters

  • OriginSan Juan Island 
  • Tastes likeAn intense blend of bitter herbs, balanced by sweet honey from Kari’s own bees and sold at San Juan Island Distillery. A few drops liven sparkling water or a cocktail.
  • Locally FoundSugar Pill Apothecary, 900 E Pine St, Capitol Hill, 206-322-7455;

Girl Meets Dirt Orcas Pear With Fresh Bay Preserves 

  • Origin: Orcas Island 
  • Tastes likeThe tang of a pear variety discovered on Orcas plus a hint of spice from bay leaves grown in the garden of Audra Lawlor 

Pelindaba Lavender Honey

  • OriginSan Juan Island 
  • Tastes likeClover honey with a floral kick, thanks to lavender infusion and sprig of Provence lavender flower in the jar.
  • Locally FoundVarious Pelindaba products at Wild Rose’s Antiques and Gifts, 4529 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-935-2780; 

Lopez Larry’s Smokey Chardonnay Mustard Sauce

  • Origin: Lopez Island 
  • Tastes likeLess bite than a Dijon, and smokier too, with just a hint of wine. Locals like to slather it on salmon and add dill before grilling it. 

Chicaoji Hot Sauce

  • OriginLopez Island 
  • Tastes likeThe burn of alder-smoked chipotle chilies plus bitter cacao and tart goji berries; a more complex hot sauce for eggs, meats, or a real pick-me-up breakfast
  • Locally Found DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine, 1435 First Ave, Downtown, 206-622-0141;
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