Schilling Cider House
This 50-seat spot opens September 6. A sneak peek this week has us especially excited about the 32 taps, including two nitros. Colin Schilling, the owner, says you will never find beer in those taps, though the Fremont cider house will possibly be selling beer, and definitely selling cider, in coolers for your to-go needs. 

Homegrown Redmond
The local sandwich spot has found itself a home in the heart of old Redmond. The latest location is in a 100-year-old building that opened August 26; hours are 8 to 8, seven days a week and the menu is the same as the other six (damn!) locations.


Coyle’s Bakeshop
You heard it here first folks, Rachael Coyle’s chiffon cakes, croissants, cheese straws, and cretzels will have a home to call their own at 83rd and Greenwood come winter. She's adding a little lunch menu that will include a daily salad.

Good Bar
The Pioneer Square bar project backed by the ladies of Marination and headed by their former chef, Josh Kelly is moving right along in the 114-year-old Pacific Commercial Bank building. The cocktails will hew classic and the menu will have cheese and charcuterie by the ounce and, yes, a sloppy joe. The opening looks like October.

El Correo
The pair behind Cantinetta and Bar Cantinetta is opening a neighborhood bistro on 12th Avenue in Capitol Hill as reported by the Capitol Hill Seattle blog. Details are scant.


Peel and Press
Dan Austin, a resident of West Seattle, is taking over Abbondanza Pizzeria in the Morgan Junction and reopening it as his own under a new name. He’s keeping many of the menu items the same, but will expand the pizza topping choices and make other adjustments, of course. As reported by Eater Seattle, it should be opening up as the new space around the beginning of October. 


Catfish Corner
An unfortunate lawsuit has brought the 30-year-old Central District landmark to its knees. CHS reported that while it closed earlier this month, it did so quietly and without any notice. The restaurant owes the landlord thousands and court records indicate that the owners had warrants for unpaid state taxes. Sadness.