For Today

Grand Opening of Herbal Nation 

The Seattle area's second recreational marijuana retailer is opening on August 18, bringing chilled-out vibes to Bothell. The Seattle PI reported that although Herbal Nation had a soft opening a week prior, they're still working to get the store in tip-top shape for today.

The prices are steep, $20 for a pre-rolled joint and $24 for a one-gram packet, but so are Cannabis City's in SoDo. There is a retailer planning to open in Bellevue in less than a month but as of now, these are the only shops in the Seattle area. You don't have to buy anything, just go check it out and educate yourself.

Grand Opening of Herbal Nation, Mon, Aug 18, Herbal Nation, 19302 Bothell-Everett Highway, Bothell, free or $20-$34 (we don't judge).

For Tuesday

Gustavo Martinez's Auga es Vida

Born in Mexico but raised in California, Gustavo Martinez studied archaelogical sites in Mexico and Central America for nearly six weeks, and has been pursuing his love of ceramics and sculpture for many years. This visual art installation focuses on the historical uses of water. 

Highlighting different forms of ceramics, clay, and mixed media sculptures, the display will not only tell a story about water, but about Martinez's intertwined Mexican American culture.

Gustavo Martinez's Auga es Vida, Mon-Fri, Aug 19-28, 9am-5pm, Gallery4Culture, 101 Prefontaine Place South, free.

For Wednesday

Dexter Avenue North Safety Project Open House

Bikes and cars don't mix very well, but in our day and age, there isn't really an option to seperate the two at all times. South Lake Union neighborhood is feeling the heat of this issue right now because of construction happening on Mercer Street and SDOT wants to keep everyone safe and informed.

Join SDOT staff during the morning rush-hour on John Street, just west of Dexter Avenue and learn about the safety improvements that are being planned. There will be vehicle and bike lane closures, and prohibited turns in the Dexter Avenue area this week so safety is a top concern for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Engage in the conversation, offer up your two cents about the project, and grab a cup of free coffee.

Dexter Avenue North Safety Project Open House, Wed, Aug 20, 7-10am, John Street, 133 Dexter Avenue North, free.

Adavanced Notice for August 27

21 Acres: Pick and Prepare

Seattle loves its farm-to-table dining; the chefs love it, the diners love it, the farmers love it. Join on the action by taking this three-class course with 21 Acres. In this first class you'll learn about traditional and sustainable farming techniques and how 21 Acres practices sustainable farming. 

The course spans over two weeks and each class will begin with information and end with cooking and food. The majority of farms in the U.S. are owned by corporations that focus on how quickly they can grow as much food as possible. These practices are not sustainable and don't take the environment into consideration. Join 21 Acres as they bring the issue into consumer homes.

21 Acres: Pick and Prepare, Wed, Aug 27, 6:30-8:30pm, 21 Acres, 13701 NE 171st St, Woodinville, $50-$60. 

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