Whether it should be called a patio or a beer garden could spark a debate. Moniker aside, Fremont Brewing comes equipped with all the staples of a solid alfresco experience: ample seating, excellent brews, and bountiful sunshine. The brewery expanded its already-appealing little patio to take up the entirety of the parking lot out front. Permanently.

Sixteen-foot wooden tables and benches make up the majority of the seating, which is plentiful but usually full. If you don’t mind standing (which you might well have to if you go when it’s busy), there are  barrels strategically placed throughout the area—perfect for setting your beer down or gathering around. Both options allow drinkers to appreciate the leafy border of foliage and more colorful flowers than you'd expect to see outside a brewery. They're so plentiful and strategically placed that you almost forget that busy 34th Street is on the other side. 

While it’s all beer and no food, the brewery does offer free pretzels and occasionally bowls of apples inside. Watch yourself: Salty pretzels make another pint mandatory. We’re not complaining, though. Pints run $4, which in Seattle, is a pretty darn good deal. We suggest the brewery's Summer Ale, which returns each year with the tangy and bright flavors typical of many warm-weather beers.

If you need more substantial nourishment, the brewery allows patrons to bring in their own food. People have been known to pack an entire picnic to accompany their pints. It could even be an outing for the entire family. The place is kid and pet-friendly, as long as they’re leashed (the dogs, not the kids). 

Fremont Brewing is open every day 11am–9pm. 


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