This is what the folks at Ballard Beer Company call "research." Image via their Facebook.


Ballard Beer Company
Fifteen taps pouring all Ballard-made beers alongside two ciders and an extensive bottle selection just arrived on Market Street. Ballard Beer Company is a novelty amongst imbibing locations: A bar dedicated to the brews of a single neighborhood, Not a region, not a city, but one neighborhood. Only in Seattle.

Cozy Nut Tavern
PhinneyWood reports the birth of a new tavern 123 N 85th St as of this past Wednesday. The Cozy Nut will offer beers, cocktails, finger food, and a few unlikely menu items: smoked game hen and vegetarian meatloaf sandwiches. Not the most common tavern grub; we’re not not intrigued.


Shoofly Pie Company
West Seattle has had easy access to delicious pies from Shoofly for seven years, but West Seattle Blog reports that access is about to be cut off. Proprietor Kimmy Tomlinson released a statement thanking the city for eating her pies for nearly a decade and declaring Shoofly’s shoo date. Empty your freezer and buy as many pies as can fit in it before Sunday, August 17.


The Bellevue juice bar hasn’t even turned one year old yet, but it will already have to share the limelight with a new sibling. Jujubeet’s second location in U Village opened on Thursday with the same lineup of juices, smoothies, and breakfast and lunch offerings as the original. 

Hitchcock Deli
Bainbridge Island’s most famous deli will now be bringing the bacon to Georgetown. A second location of Hitchcock Deli opened on Tuesday to serve up hearty sandwiches and, once owner Brendan McGill decides the time is right, a new menu of salads and small plates.


Technically the term abroad includes the city of Tacoma, where the guys behind one of the best places in town, Chris Keil and Matthew Schweitzer of Hilltop Kitchen, let us know they just bought one of their prime competitors: the acclaimed restaurant Marrow. Keil and Schweitzer will work directly with Marrow’s previous owners, Jamie Kay Jones and chef Kyle Wnuk, to learn their new acquisition’s ins and outs and ensure a smooth transition when the keys change hands at the end of July.


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