How could you not want to volunteer to save a place like this?

For Wednesday

National Forests Committee Meeting

Washington state has some of the most beautiful forests in the country, but they won't stay that way without some volunteer muscle.

Join the Sierra Club at their Washington chapter office next Wednesday to learn more about the state's national forests, trails, and other roadless areas, and find out both what help is needed and how to make yourself useful.

National Forests Committee Meeting, Wed, July 2, 7pm, Sierra Club Washington State Chapter Office, 180 Nickerson Street, Suite 202, free. 

For Thursday

Boom City Firework Sale

With the Fourth of July coming up, we're sure at least some of you readers are thinking about fireworks. Boom City in Tulalip is the spot to get sparklers, roman candles, and more complex contraptions legally, and Thursday is the last day before the prices go up. 

If you're going to light some fireworks for America, don't be dumb. Wear shoes (it's incredibly easy to step on a still-hot discarded sparkler), have a sober person do the physical act of lighting any fuses, and keep your distance. As fun as a close up may seem at the time, you're going to want your hair and eyebrows unsinged in the morning. 

No, they're not legal in Seattle, but... the police love Uncle Sam too...?

Boom City Firework Sale, now through Thu, July 3, Boom City Fireworks, 10200 Quil Ceda Boulevard, prices vary.

For Friday

Firecracker 5k

Technically, this one starts on Thursday; Club Northwest is putting on its midnight city run and fundraiser again this year, starting and finishing in Memorial Stadium.The path through downtown should be beautiful in the dark of night, with buildings and the moon's reflective powers giving pre-registered runners just enough light to be safe.

Running (or walking) in the cool air of the early morning sounds like a great way to kick off what should be a hot day of celebrating Independence. The lobsterbacks would never have let throngs of people run the streets at midnight. Cursed be King George.  

Firecracker 5k, Thu, July 3, 11:55 pm, Memorial Stadium, 401 5th Ave N, $40.

Advance Notice for July 8

HMS Chatham Anchor at MOHAI

When George Vancouver explored Puget Sound at the tail end of the 18th century, he was at the helm of a fleet of vessels including the Royal Navy's HMS Chatham. 

History anecdote: At some point during the voyage, however, the anchor was lost. Until recently. A scuba fisherman found an anchor, which historians believe to be the sole remaining relic from Vancouver's expedition, and hoisted it from the depths off the coast of Whidbey Island earlier this year.

From July 8th to the 11th, that anchor will be on display at the Museum of History and Industry.On it's first night on display, historian Scott Grimm will lay out his case for why this anchor must be the Chatham's.

HMS Chatham Anchor at MOHAI, Tuesday, July 8, 6:30pm, MOHAI, 860 Terry Ave N, $17 (regular museum admission).

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