Not sure why this Big Data logo includes what looks to be an oil drill. Add that to the list of questions John Foreman needs to answer tonight at Town Hall.

For Today

John Foreman: Big Data’s Possibilities and Our Fears

Both businesses and governments are collecting massive amounts of Internet data at all times, and your Facebook profile is just the tip of the iceberg. Should we panic? Is Skynet our imminent future? Would Bentham consider the modern world his conception of a panopticon?

In Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight, author and chief data scientist John Foreman delves into the many benefits of his line of work while addressing common fears that have arisen as big data has gone from small niche topic to big headline issue.

He'll be telling Seattle all about it downstairs at Town Hall tonight.

John Foreman: Big Data's Possibilities and Our Fears, Wed, July 16, 7:30pm, Downstairs at Town Hall, 1119 8th Avenue, $5.

For Thursday

Walk and Talk: Integrating Multiple Weed Control Methods

No, we're not talking marijuana regulation. Invasive plant species have long plagued the many humans dedicated to crafting elegant lawns and gardens, and the Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) has a few tricks it can teach aspiring greenthumbs for curtailing the infringement of weeds on their plots of pride.

Join WNPS at Magnuson Park for a lesson on Intregrated Pest Management, the weed and pest defense employed by the Seattle Parks Department, and help maintain a great Seattle outdoor outpost while learning skills to bring back to your home garden.

Walk and Talk: Integrating Multiple Weed Control Methods, Thu, July 17, 6–8:30pm, Magnuson Park picnic shelter #2, 7400 Sand Point Way NE, free.

For Friday

We ❤ Seattle: Second Annual Planned Parenthood NW Benefit Concert

Planned Parenthood's Someone You Know Fund—a collection of donations that help provide health care to women and men unable to afford it—got a significant boost at last year's benefit concert, and this year the organization hopes to top those numbers.

But they can't do it without some help from the community. Head to Nectar Lounge in Fremont next Friday to see performances from a lineup of local indie/alternative bands (incluing La Luz and The Gods Themselves), and let some of your weekly entertainment budget double as a donation to a great cause.

We ❤ Seattle: Second Annual Planned Parenthood NW Benefit Concert, Fri, July 18, 8pm, Nectar Lounge, 412 N 36th St, $12–$30.

Advance Notice for July 29

BTG Levy Oversight Committee Meeting

Have you been worrying about the development of SDOT's Freight Master Plan? Wondering about how the Bridging the Gap work plan is going?  If so, we know where you should be on Tuesday, July 29.
The 15-member BTG Levy Oversight Committee will be meeting at City Hall to discuss progress on 2006's Bridging the Gap levy implementation. Plus, they'll take your suggestions and concerns into consideration as the plans move forward.
BTG Levy Oversight Committee Meeting, Tue, July 29, 6pm, City Hall room 370, 600 Fourth Ave, free.

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