Perhaps Mr. Waldman can tell us what this comic means with proper historical context.

For Monday

Michael Waldman: The Right to Bear Arms

The president of New York University's Brennan Center for Justice, Michael Waldman, will be speaking at Town Hall Monday, June 7 about the ways in which the Second Amendment has been reconstrued to the benefit of political factions over the course of US history.

Waldman asserts that the Republicans' current portrayal of the right to bear arms in political rhetoric and the news media deviates from the amendment's original intent due to historical factors in his book The Second Amendment: A Biography. We're pretty confident the Founding Fathers didn't write the Bill of Rights with machine guns at elementary schools in mind, but then that's probably just what the Democrats want us to think.

Michael Waldman: The Right to Bear Arms, Mon, July 7, 7:30–8:45 pm, Downstairs at Town Hall, 1119 8th Avenue, $5.

For Tuesday

HMS Chatham Anchor at MOHAI

When George Vancouver explored Puget Sound at the tail end of the 18th century, he was at the helm of a fleet of vessels including the Royal Navy's HMS Chatham. 

History anecdote: At some point during the voyage, however, the anchor was lost. Until recently. A scuba fisherman found an anchor, which historians believe to be the sole remaining relic from Vancouver's expedition, and hoisted it from the depths off the coast of Whidbey Island earlier this year.

From July 8th to 11th, that anchor will be on display at the Museum of History and Industry. On its first night on display, historian Scott Grimm will lay out his case for why this anchor must be the Chatham's.

HMS Chatham Anchor at MOHAI, Tuesday, July 8, 6:30pm, MOHAI, 860 Terry Ave N, $17 (regular museum admission).

For Wednesday

Rackathon: A Regional Summit to Hack the Bike Parking Code

Biking is tough on the legs. Biking to a place with no bike rack to lock up to can be tough on the wallet (bike thieves are always a threat), and we all know which hurts more.

As of 2010, only 25% of downtown employers offered bike parking to their employees, and that number has not improved enough since. Join Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and Cascade Bicycle Club at Rackathon to evaluate existing bike racks and discuss methods to ensure the city is properly racked going forward.

Rackathon, Wed, July 9, 2:30–5:30pm, Union Station Great Hall, 605 5th Ave S, free with pre-registration.

Advance Notice for July 14

Seattle Tilth Farm Works Farm Walk

Nine acres of mixed vegetables, an egg-laying flock of hens, a pork product production facility, and a beekeeper's paradise await in Auburn for those who join the tour at Seattle Tilth Farm Works (STFW) next Monday.

The Auburn facility is home to STFW's "farm incubator" program, in which over 20 aspiring farmers ply their trade while learning the skills necessary for agricultural success at business trainings and hands-on planting and harvesting trainings.

Pre-register to avoid an additional $5 fee on the day of the event.

STFW Farm Walk, Mon, July 14, Seattle Tilth Farm Works, 17601 SE Lake Moneysmith Rd.Auburn, WA 98092, $15–$30.   

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