Matt Dillon's spreading the love to aspiring chefs through Pop-Up Mondays at Sitka and Spruce. Image via


Sitka and Spruce
Now that Monday night tacos are a thing of the past, Matt Dillon has created a new pop-up tradition: guest chef Mondays. Once a month, chefs aspiring to launch their own unique food business will have the chance to work in Sitka and Spruce’s kitchen and hopefully follow in the footsteps of Alvaro Candela— the man behind the longtime Monday tacos and now head chef at The Saint.


Intermezzo Carmine
The Smeraldo family, parents of Italian restaurant Il Terrazzo Carmine, have proudly announced the June 16 due date of a sibling in the space right next door to the legendary firstborn. Intermezzo Carmine will be a bar serving craft cocktails, spirits, and both traditional and new wave Italian small plate appetizers. Should be a great place to wait for a table at Il Terrazzo, or to have a few drinks and some of chef Juan Vega’s creations.

Damn the Weather
We’ve been excited for Damn the Weather to arrive in Pioneer Square for months, and it’s finally (probably?) going to happen next week. Veteran barman Bryn Lumsden and former Walrus and the Carpenter chef Eli Dahlin are set to unveil a menu of duck hotdogs, pastrami burgers with housemade sauerkraut, and “the very best drinks [Lumsden] ever made” working in bars around the city. Should be good, rain or shine.


A Terrible Beauty
After three Terrible (pun, though since it’s closing business probably wasn’t too good) years in West Seattle, West Seattle Blog reports the Irish pub has shuttered. The owners will focus their attention on ATB’s Lake Union and Renton locations, and on their burgeoning Lake Union project The Big Country Lakeside Saloon and Kitchen


Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe
The vegan restaurant operating in the U District and West Seattle will soon bring its plant-based stylings to Greenwood in Cobblestone Furniture’s former home, reports Phinneywood blog. The restaurant has taken to Kickstarter to get some help funding the expansion, with a kickstart kickoff party happening tonight.


Cafe 56
Cafe 56 is Seattle's first outdoor oyster bar, and starting Monday it will also be Seattle's first outdoor oyster bar to offer breakfast every day. The casual outdoor companion to Elliot's Oyster House had been reserving its excellent salmon scramble for weekend breakfast consumption from 9am–2pm, but now that and all other breakfast items will be available from Monday–Friday from 10am–2pm as well. 


Canal Market
Volunteer Park Cafe chef Ericka Burke is the latest chef to go the mercantile route; she's opening a neighborhood market in Portage Bay  (all while opening another restaurant in Chophouse Row). Hopefully for her, Canal Market— complete with a deli island, juice bar, Slate Coffee espresso station, and more— will be just as busy as she will certainly be.

Meat and Bread
Vancouver’s popular sandwich shop is expanding south, heading to the Central Agency building to join John Sundstrom’s three holdings, reports Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. Meat and Bread’s rotating, four-item daily sandwich menu has been called “lavish” by Bon Appetit, and always includes a porchetta, a corned beef, a Daily Special, and a vegetarian option. If you don’t like sandwiches, don’t go there. Also, you’re crazy.

Magical Butter Studios
A unique food truck came to hit this year’s Cannabis Cup—The Samich Truck offered meals and treats infused with THC from marijuana. Now, Magical Butter, the folks behind it, are preparing to install a brick-and-mortar restaurant a short walk away from the Starbucks headquarters, according to Fast Company. The food might taste better an hour or so after eating it, but if Samich Truck reviews are to be trusted it should be quite delicious at all times.


Big Chickie's Quest for Funding
Big Chickie, a promising local restaurant looking to get off the ground, needs an assist to revitalize the old gas station that the Peruvian chicken joint will call home come August. In order to get some delicious pollo a la brasa as soon as possible chip in a little if you can.

Help for Andy Knepshield
In terrible news for the Seattle restaurant community, Witness bartender Emily Wilcher’s husband Andy fell more than 70 feet while rock climbing with a partner at Little Si in North Bend. Bartenders aren’t typically getting big enough tips to cover this kind of medical expense, so they’ve set up a fund to get him back on his feet. Again, if you can help out, please do. And if you can only donate to one of these two, we hope we don’t have to steer you in the right direction.