Kshama Sawant fought tirelessly to raise the minimum wage. Celebrate with her tonight.

For Today

$15 an Hour Victory Party With Kshama Sawant

The Seattle City Council just passed a $15 minimum wage plan to be phased in over the course of seven years, and council member Kshama Sawant is thrilled. Though some of her proposals didn't make the final legislation, she'll be celebrating Friday night at Washington Hall starting around 6:30. 

The new law makes Seattle's minimum 
the highest in the nation.
$15 an Hour Victory Party, Fri, June 5, Washington Hall, 153 4th Avenue, free—$15 donation suggested.

Let's Ride! Friday Forum on the Bicycle Master Plan

Seattle Bike Advisory Board member Jessica Szelag and Mayor Murray's transit and transportation advisor Andrew Glass-Hastings headline a panel about future of the city's bike-related plans.

Among other topics—such as how cycle tracks can be a boon to local businesses and how bike sharing can work smoothly— the panel will discuss the planning, implementation, and potential benefits of the recently updated Bicyle Master Plan, which calls for nearly 50 new miles of protected bike lanes and a network of bicycle facilities that will be no more than a quarter mile from every citizen.

Let's Ride! Friday Forum on the Bicycle Master Plan, Fri, June 6, Noon–1 pm, Chinook Building room 121, 401 Fifth Avenue, free.

For Saturday

Seattle Works Day

This well-organized day of volunteering offers Seattlites an opportunity to band together to get some work done for over 50 nonprofits, schools, and parks  around the city.

Teams of volunteers have been put together by captains to complete tasks for different organizations, including the 
Northwest Film ForumEastside Audubon, and Orca Elementary School. Don't have a team yet? Help out on this year's public project, working with King Conservation District to clean up Taylor Creek in West Seattle.

 or join a team and enjoy a hard day's work followed by an after party with tacos, beer and, games at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and a subsequent Sounders viewing party at Buckley's Queen Anne.

Seattle Works Day, Sat, June 7, noon–7 pm, various volunteer project locations, $30.  

For Sunday 

Capitol Hill Clean Sweep

The Hill gets a bit dirty over the course of the year (or over the course of a Saturday night), but fortunately for residents and visitors alike the annual Clean Sweep gets a lot of volunteers to come to the neighborhood and do a little spring cleaning.

Join in by meeting the crew at Cal Anderson Park at 10 am Sunday to register. You'll get breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt for your efforts, alongside the great feeling of having improved your community. Plus, rumor has it there will be some form of lunch hour entertainment.

Capitol Hill Clean Sweep, Sun, June 8, 10 am, Cal Anderson Park, 1635 11th Ave, free. 

For Monday

Yoram Bauman: Climate Change Humor

Everybody knows global warming isn't real. Wait, what? Even FOX News admitted it's happening? Mind. Blown.

If you thought this joke was funny (thanks!) or want to learn more about the issue, you belong at Town Hall on Monday to hear Yoram Bauman's entertaining and educational insights into environmental dangers and political ecocide.

Bauman, in partnership with illustrator Grady Klein, recently released the second installment of his
Cartoon Introduction book series. The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change follows in the humurous and informative footsteps of The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, and touches on both the history of climate change and potentially beneficial policy changes. 
Yoram Bauman: Climate Change Humor, Mon, June 9, 7:30 pm, Downstairs at Town Hall, 1119 8th Avenue, $5.

Advance Notice For Summer

Free Kitchen Compost Kit Coupon

We aren't sure of the exact date, but when the Seattle Public Works CurbWaste & Conserve summer newsletter arrives there will be a special offer inside: A free kitchen compost kit.

Composting offers many benefits to the environment, and is a really easy way to make a good contribution to the planet.

Free Kitchen Compost Kit Coupon, summer issue of CurbWaste & Conserve newsletter, free. 

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