Dr. John Incardona spends his days studying the effects of pollution on zebrafish.

For Monday

Science On Tap

Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) research toxicologist John Incardona will be at Third Place Pub in Ravenna Monday evening to talk about coal dust. The powdered form of coal invades environments both on land and at sea, causing serious health problems in humans and fish alike. 

Dr. Incardona has an MD and a PhD in genetics from Case Western Reserve University, and has been studying the effects of pollution on fish with NWFSC for more than a decade. 

Science on Tap, Mon, June 30, 7pm, Third Place Pub, 6504 20th Avenue NE, free.

For Tuesday

Public Hearing on Council Bill 118080

Council Bill 118080, an update to the existing Living Building and Seattle Deep Green Pilot Program, would refocus the program's fuding strictly on the Living Building option and redesign an updated Deep Green standard. 
What does that mean? Essentially, the Deep Green program hasn't met the city's expectations. Resolution 31400, adopted earlier this month, necessitated a reexamination of Seattle's efforts to enforce green construction, and Bill 118080 is a direct result. Make your voice heard if you have input on how best to create and maintain green infrastructure at Tuesday's hearing. 
Public Hearing on Council Bill 118080, Tue, July 1, 2pm, City Council Chambers, 600 4th Avenue, free.

For Wednesday

National Forests Committee Meeting

Washington state has some of the most beautiful forests in the country, but they won't stay that way without some volunteer muscle.

Join the Sierra Club at their Washington chapter office next Wednesday to learn more about the state's national forests, trails, and other roadless areas, and find out both what help is needed and how to make yourself useful.

National Forests Committee Meeting, Wed, July 2, 7pm, Sierra Club Washington State Chapter Office, 180 Nickerson Street, Suite 202, free. 

Advance Notice for July 11

July Friday Forum

July's edition of Transportation Choices Coalition's Friday Forum will focus on Seattle's Comprehensive Master Plan, with input from Futurewise executive director Hilary Franz, King County Equity and Social Justice manager Matias Valenzuela, and a surprise representative from the Seattle Department of Planning. 

For the last 20 years, Seattle has been using the "urban village strategy," which focuses development in mixed commercial and residentail urban centers spread througought town. Going forward, however, this may not be the best course of action.

Join the discussion next Friday to find out what alternatives already exist and possibly help sculpt Seattle's best future. 

July Friday Forum, Fri, July 11, noon—1pm, Chinook Building room 121, 401 5th Avenue, free.

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